Business projects

Preparing and developing business plan is major and important issue of our  specialization.

Business plan is the document, which is essential for investors (banks, partners, authoritative bodies) or managers, in order to make decision for implementing investment projects.

Business plan should include all important aspects for interested persons.

Developing business plan needs a lot of time and work of different specialists(financier, advisor, jurist, technical expert etc). The main goal of the joint team of different specialists should be oriented on fast and efficient decision of customer’s issue.

As a rule, the following issues are solved within the framework of this project:

  • Gaining information about the company (which implements the project) and presenting it, financial analysis, studying the situation;

  • Market analysis and prognosis;

  • Formation of organizational plan of the project;

  • Gathering and analyzing information about project investment expenditure, material and personnel;

  • Developing financial plan of the project;

  • Preparing text of the business plan;

  • Preparing presentation and other necessary material for investors;