About Us

Methodology of our company is based on international standards of audit, regulations of international practice of audit, law of Georgia “about audit”, also other legislation acts of Georgia.

At the same time, considering professional abilities and rules, guided by above-mentioned methodology, the company provides information confidentiality and quality control. It increases reliability of financial information and high level of guarantee.

ACG- service personnel is obliged to follow rules of “Professional accountants’ ethics code” issued by International Federation of Accountants. They are guided by major ethical principles:

  • Honesty

  • Objectivity

  • Professional competence and relevant attention

  • Confidentiality

  • Professional behavior

  • Technical standards

Major direction of ACG philosophy is high quality and completely hopeful service to large and small customers. These high standards are needed for development of the country and attraction investments.

Our professional staff includes: economists, jurists, engineers, accountants and system specialists who have gained working experience in large companies.


Our attitude towards quality

Success of ACG is achieved with high quality service to our customers. We understand great importance of high quality service that we perform daily.

Work quality of company staff is determined by registry and the number of repeated orders from the customers. Our professional staff consists of the specialists who have excellent reputation. We are businesspeople, who use knowledge and experience in order to solve their customer’s problems.

Company motto- we should exceed best expectations of our customers and staff- it clearly expresses our attitude towards our customers.

Rely on our professionals